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Customer satisfaction is our best Advertisement

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate both MCS and yourself on your Thirtieth Anniversary! Having over Fifty locations in eight states has made container and compactor painting and repair a major focus in our attempt to control our cost while maintaining our image in the marketplace.

Over the past decades, we have tried in-house maintenance as well as using outside vendors. In-house maintenance was and is a very expensive option. Using outside vendors was an experience that was haphazard at best, until we met MCS and your Team. Now, we know that we can rely on our containers being repaired and painted according to our specs and I can personally rely on the comfort that I will not get a call from an irate customer or motorist that "overspray" covered their building or car, or that and damage occurred in the process of painting on customer sites. I also like that, at our larger sites, your crews will come to our yards and repair and paint larger amounts of containers and compactors. Although I realize I have some different managers who are more demanding that others, your Team satisfies both types.

Congratulations Tony and best wishes for the future.

John Jennings, President/CEO
Waste Pro USA

Congratulations, Tony, on Mobile Container Service`s 30th Anniversary of service to the waste industry! For the past 21 years, we have appreciated working closely with you and your people on making outsourcing of container repair an acceptable and credible part of the industry. While the path hasn`t been easy, I have always respected the way you handle your business putting your customers first by providing honest, competent container repair at honest and reasonable value to the customer. "As an industry veteran of 21 years I can honestly say that you guys are the best!"

R.P. "Pete" Fairlamb, National Sales Represensative
Sheboygan Paint Co.

Congratulations on 30 years of service to the solid waste industry! Container maintenance is a necessary evil in our industry. For most companies it is extremely time consuming and costly. Finding the time & talent to get the job done can be challenging. It simply doesn`t make any economic sense to pull your maintenance crews away from the fleet to handle projects they are ill equipped and untrained for. That`s where MCS comes in. With 30 years of experience and a rock solid reputation, you can rest easy that the job will get done! Big job, small job, their experienced, reliable crews tackle the job aggressively. There is no waste of time or material!

MCS has companies located conveniently across the nation and can respond immediately. Even better, if you have special needs or concerns, the president of MCS is literally a phone call away and personally stands behind his work. Tony Lundy was raised "old school". His word is his bond and he strives to provide the best in service, quality and price. We`ve all heard the warning, "The sweet taste of CHEAP labor is quickly bittered by poor quality".

DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. CALL MCS, you`ll be glad you did. "Those refurbished cans will be tougher than your ex-wife`s attorney!" "Tony Lundy`s Mobile Container Service has Art Henschen`s highest recommendation!"

Art HenSchen
Trash Master

I am pleased to say MCS has been a First Piedmont Corporation vendor since MCS`s inception 30 years ago. MCS`s service has always been prompt, fair and professional. Our need for container maintenance ebbs and flows and MCS has always been able to step up to the increase in demands in a time frame that is remarkable. It has been a pleasure to work with such an accommodating Company and I wish all my vendors were of the quality of MCS. We look forward to many more years of MCS`s excellent service.

Congratulations, to MCS on their 30 year Anniversary.

Tommy Stump, President/CEO
First Piedmont Corporation

Ever heard this? "Just give us a chance to show what we can do?" By 1983, Jim Becker, who ran our Haw River Operation, decided to give Tony Lundy a chance to show he and Rogar Davis what Mobile Container Service could do for our containers on the yard or on the job at over 30 HAULING OPERATIONS.

Waste Industries has been watching for 30 years and so far we haven`t matched their quality or price for container maintenance, so, we just keep letting them show us what they can do. Congratulations to Mobile Container Service for 30 years in the industry they are truly a company that is respected throughout the country and I highly recommend their services to anyone.

Lonnie Poole, Founder
Waste Industries

Looking back, it almost seems like Tony Lundy and Mobile Container Service were there from the beginning but not so. When I first started with Waste Management in 1976 having come from SCA Services in Atlanta, one of our first challenges was a storage year FULL of containers needing repair. Due to the growth of Waste Management during that time the containers were of many colors and sizes from the acquisitions taking place. Managing container and compactor repairs was always a large part of an frankly a serious distraction from the business of managing a heavy truck repair facility, the two do not easily mix.

A few years later, when Mobile Container Service first visited me in Atlanta I must admit that I was very skeptical that this kind of service would work out. Fortunately, after a while it became apparent that Mobile Container Service was a "Pioneer" in the Waste Industry, they were filling a need that had been virtually untouched in the past. Others quickly stepped in the business and tried to duplicate Mobile Container Services success but most quickly failed - - some were unethical. Tony has always kept Mobile Container above board and ethical, when disagreements occurred (as they do in all business) Tony addressed them quickly and honestly. Tony learned and adjusted his business along the way to become the superior support business they are today.

Congratulations Tony to you and your team for your outstanding 30 years of service to the Waste Industry.

Larry Jones
Waste Management, Southern Area Maintenance Director (Retired)
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