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Container Maintenance Outsourcing...

An Idea Whose Time has Come!

Outsourcing has become a popular option for companies searching to reduce capital requirements and reduce costs because it allows managers to focus their resources on the critical process of their core business - collection and disposal, instead of on the non-core or supportive process of container maintenance.

Many companies view outsourcing as a necessary strategy to accomplish their corporate goal of building profits. Their question is not, "Should we outsource?" but rather "How much should we outsource?" Even companies with an excellent maintenance staff can find themselves in a sudden crisis situation when they unexpectedly lose experienced personnel. Why go through the constant headache of training and pushing for production in your shops when an alternative is so readily available?

Capabilities - We can take your damaged, unusable containers and turn them into attractive, profitable units... for a price that will please your budget.

Mobile Container Service is a national company with a pool of individual business owners that have been providing container maintenance services to waste companies going on twenty years. MCS is your one-stop service for all of your container needs painting welding - patching & repair lid & lid assembly parts replacement total bottom replacement heavy roll-off repairs on-site service at the container location on yard service for higher volume. MCS crews carry $2 million liability insurance and workers comp.


In addition to the obvious costs savings relating to employee and equipment expenses, outsourcing provides additional benefits such as...
  • access to the best of our team of technicians, specifically trained in all facets of container repair
  • no payment for non-productive time, you pay only for completed units or flat fee prices for quotas to ensure maximum productivity
  • a measurable accounting of all services performed by true results (great for budget forecasting and compliance)
  • your in-house experts will be free to focus on more critical projects.

Program Options

Total Maintenance Program Service On Call Program Additional Services
We work with your Maintenance Manager to provide all container maintenance for a set monthly rate (with quotas) or a per unit price. Includes painting, repairs, materials handling, and customer call ins. We work as a perfect fit with your in-house programs to handle painting and repairs as needed, for a per unit price. This program is especially good for peak periods, color changes, work overload, selective repairs, etc. Many MCS affiliates have major repair capabilities for compactors, balers, recycling and other complex waste handling equipment, and offer containers switch out/delivery and truck painting or an off-premises facility. Please call our corporate office to check the availability of these services.

Call today to find out more or to schedule service for your company!

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