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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers About Using MCS
for Your Container Painting & Repair

How can MCS save money for my company?

With no payroll expense, no overhead expense and no downtime expense, you only pay for work actually completed. There are no hidden or unexpected costs involved when our technicians paint and/or repair your containers. You know exactly how many containers you can refurbish in accordance with your budget allowance.

What kind of containers does MCS service?

MCS services front loaders, rear loaders, roll-offs, packer boxes, compactors, hoppers, and chutes.

What process does MCS use to paint containers?

  • Remove logos & stickers
  • Power brush loose debris/rust
  • Spray paint or roll (depending on condition)
  • Make sure that the area is clean and undisturbed before leaving the site

What kind of repairs can MCS do to our containers?

Minor repairs include: small patches, sleeve welding, lid installation, repair door tracks, etc.

Major repairs include: large patches, lid kit installation, casters, containers bottoms, etc.

How many containers can a MCS crew paint in one day?

A typical crew of 2 or 3 technicians can typically paint 30 to 40 front or rear load containers per day. The actual number of containers completed will depend upon the size, location, weather conditions, etc.

Where does MCS paint containers?

MCS technicians can paint on the customer's yard or on-site. Our on-site program reduces the need for switch-outs, saving the customer time and money. In most cases, our crew can paint a container on-site for less than it costs to transport the container to the shop.

What about liability if a MCS crew has an accident or causes damages while working on our container?

Each MCS affiliate is covered by $2 million in general liability insurance and carries Worker's Compensation insurance on all employees. During our training program all MCS affiliates are trained extensively in safe operating practices that minimize the risk of injury and painting techniques that minimize the risk of over spray.

In the 25 year history of MCS, the incident rate of damage claims has been exceptionally low, with no major occurrences.

In any case, your company has no liability concerns with using MCS for your container maintenance.

Why should I use MCS if we do our containers in-house?

Two Reasons:

MCS can assist your in-house program during peak periods, for color changes due to acquisitions, or to meet specific deadlines and handle customer call ins.

As a rule, employees do not exert the same effort or enthusiasm for their work as do the business owners. All MCS affiliates own their own business, therefore they are directly responsible for the success or failure of their business based on their productivity and satisfaction of their customers. MCS affiliates work very hard to earn their customer's respect and trust...and to keep it by consistently delivering the best service possible for the money spent.
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