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Our specialty is servicing any type of front load /rear load dumpsters, roll-off containers, compactors, recycling cans, ship containers, VAC tanks & FRAC tanks and many other types of containers & equipment. MCS will provide a team of highly trained technicians using a self-contained repair and painting system to completely refurbish your containers at a designated centralized facility or at satellite yards/routes.

Under a hub and spoke operation major repairs can be performed at a centralized facility, to include bottoms, major welding, as well as painting. Our mobile crews can service containers on route or at your satellite yards.

With this unique feature of Hub and spoke, your company will be spared the expensive and time consuming task of transporting most containers that just need minor repairs. Some national waste and scrap metal hauling companies are examples of our customers who are utilizing this much-needed service. Even companies that operate their own in-house maintenance facilities have found substantial savings using our services to complement their own program. They call us to work with overload situations caused by seasonal influxes, personnel changes, special projects or rapid growth.

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